ALL alterations are done here. From hemming your new jeans to making your wedding gown fit like it should. From sewing on a lost button to creating a formal dress for an important function. And yes I also replace zippers in everything from jeans to jackets to sleeping bags.

Perhaps you need a custom costume for yourself. Medieval, period costuming, futuristic, Comic-Con, theme weddings, the only limits are your imagination. Our in house designer can sew from a photo or a movie, no patterns required. For the horseman out there we also have sewn barding and custom accessories.

Custom Made Costumes


Custom Winter Festival Costumes for Banff Tourism


Canada Day Suits


Alice in Wonderland








101 Dalmations


Royal Guard


Highland Jig Costume


Toy Story


Katy Perry


Mary Poppins


Legend of Zelda






Snow White




Wonder Woman


Zombie Cheerleader


Custom Costumes for Saudi Arabia


Custom Stanley Cup Dress


Custom T.A.R.D.I.S. Dress - Dr. Who


Custom Alterations -Grandmother's Wedding Dress


Custom Made Military Coat


Custom Ordered Mermaids


Custom Made Mascot


Custom Red Riding Hood and Wolf




Custom Santa and Mrs Claus


King Arthur


Robin Hood


Gandolf - Lord of the Rings




Mama Mia (Child size)


Rainbow Brite Dress


Rainbow Brite and Matching suit for Grandpa


Princess Jasmine




Hugh Heffner Smoking Jacket


Thigh High Spats


Medieval Cape


How to Train Your Dragon

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