Black & Lee Formal Wear

Black & Lee Formal Wear is now available to rent directly through the Tickle Trunk Whether you are a groom or a graduate or need a suit for a special occasion we have the service for you. As an outlet for Black & Lee, we carry the same items as in the city, but we are much more convenient Our prices are the same but for extended time. Pick up Friday return Monday with same cost as a day rental Let us help you look your best for your Big Day!!

Our vast inventory of shows costumed allows us to pull just what you are needing. If size is an issue our in house designer and seamstress will make or alter to fit your cast. Here is a list of past productions we have costumed.

Our huge selection of costumes allows you to become someone (or something) else for an hour, a day or a weekend. A Super hero or a Knight, a Saloon girl or a Princess. You can be someone from the 1920’s or the 1400’s.

ALL alterations are done here. From hemming your new jeans to making your wedding gown fit like it should. From sewing on a lost button to creating a formal dress for an important function. And yes I also replace zippers in...

519 Main Street
Box 1623
Three Hills, Alberta

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